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some kind of multiplayer tutorial would be a boon for helping nubs.

(pst: built-in VOIP would also be a boon)
Really, let's be honest here, no amount of tutorials will help you grasp how to fight other players, how to counter the usual tricks, how to react in the best way to situations etc.

You just need to learn from getting your teeth kincked in instead of getting angry that you didn't get a medal for participating. Like I said in another thread, I started GSF when the F2P players were included, even though I had the sub early acces and now I'm always in the top 3, more often than not first on the scoreboard with a Pike as it's the only craft I fly and it's nowhere near mastered as I haven't spent CC to convert req.

The best advice I, personally, can give is to try out the ships, don't fly the ones you think are "OP", pick one you actually enjoy flying and stick with it. You'll get good at it eventually.