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What I would like advice on is what the suggested level for each of the missions is.
These are the recommended levels assigned to the missions by the game developers:
[HEROIC 2+] Republics Most Wanted: level 10, intended for two players
[HEROIC 2+] Face Merchants: level 11, intended for two players
[HEROIC 4] Trouble In Deed: level 15, intended for four players
[HEROIC 4] Enemies of the Republic: level 15, intended for four players

You can find these by opening your mission log and selecting the mission. The recommended level is indicated above the mission objectives.

At level 19, you should be able to solo the first two easily; the enemies will do very little or no damage to you. The other two are doable if you're well equipped (ideally, at least blue equipment matching your level) and know how to play.