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The Gungan Menace

The Sith Empire will devote all its efforts to destroying this race of jabbering idiots from infecting the entire galaxy with their stupidity and mediocre culture.

The Republic of course, will be fighting to save the Gungans, because they value mediocrity and mentally handicapped aquatic races above all else.
Problem with this though: Canonicly, This is impossible.
The game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is considered Cannon
The Gungan campaign in that game had a section set 2000 years before TPM - 1650 years after this game
In this section of the Gungan Campaign, there was no evidence of Gungans being aware of life off the planet - They were fighting for control over the planet with stuff so primitive it made TPM gungans look advanced.

On the bright side, this means we don't have to deal with gungans in this game ever