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The Republic and Empire find a mysterious planet, one of the Gree homeworlds. Upon arriving there, they notice that Kephess the Reborn Undying Clone is trying to activate another hypergate. Upon activation, the portal glows with a green-ish color. Kephess the Reborn Undying Clone passes through and the forces and the Empire and the Republic follow him.

Passing through the Hypergate, they find themselves into a weird and strange planet. They witness strange armored humanoid beings fighting 8-feet tall green-skinned muscular beings. One of the armored humanoid beings sees the confused forces of the Republic and Empire, and from afar he yells :

'' Welcome to Outland recruits! Now get your swords and fight the Horde! ''
"A mysterious creature called the "The Emperor Stormborn Windchaser Firedestroyer the Betrayer (because, WoW)" is trying to claim the Kil'Jaden's Force Couch Cushion of Nastiness and destroy the multiverse with uncomfortable furniture - only the chosen of the Republic can help their new poorly textured allies defeat this new threat to the Republic...and to every world touched by the Force across the star-planes."

...I'd buy that .