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Heroic quests are intended to do as a group; if you have a group of two to four players, you should easily be able to do the Heroic quests.
While it is possible to solo them once you are high in level, I do not recommend doing so as you will never learn how to play in a group and will have a hard time catching on to that once you have reached max level. Level 19 should be enough to solo those heroics if you know how to play your class well and have good gear, but I don't recommend it.

As a Sentinel, you only do damage. Especially in flashpoints, wait until the tank attacks a group before jumping in yourself, and always attack from weak to strong, i.e. first attack the targets without a symbol and do the silver and gold targets last. Also, you can use your stuns and interrupts to make it easier for the healer.
These are the most important things; you will learn a lot of the other things as you level up.