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Having finished the main story missions I am left with only the Heroic missions left to play on Coruscant.

What I would like advice on is what the suggested level for each of the missions is. I am a level 19 Sentinel and after wandering through the wrong green doorway and highly regretting it I wish to know if I should continue to level before attempting. I also wish to know if I am around the right level to take on the missions - what level should my group mates be to have a good chance of completing the mission.

The other thing I would be grateful for advice on is my class role - I would believe my role would be damage dealing but just wanted to be sure. I believe I have an OK understanding of my character and its limitations and strengths so far but I am by no means an expert - so is there any particular etiquette that is required or am I free (within reason) to just whack away at enemies? I am not against taking advice and following orders but it would be nice to have some understanding on what the consensus is.

Hopefully I've been clear on what I'm asking - if not let me know.

Thanks for reading


Sorry forgot to name the darn missions:

Republics Most Wanted

Face Merchants

Enemies of the Republic

Trouble In Deed