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Some kind of official feedback on this would be great because the loot boxes most certainly lock out when the whole group dies during a boss fight.
Considering that sometimes we really have to die and retry bosses in order to learn the strategy, it is very frustrating when this happens. We played Boarding Party a few days ago and got no boxed loot at all. When the group spends so much time playing the flashpoint only to get one pair of purple boots then it is very demoralizing. If it is a glitch then it needs to be fixed in a hurry, but if it is intended then I think it is ridiculous. The loot is the primary reason to play these flashpoints after all...

Same thing happened to my group on Boarding Party.

Did not get items from the last boss or the bonus bass due to a wipe on the first attempt of each.

An official reply or a link to one would be nice so we at least know it's being addressed.
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