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I did this new fp on a few low lvl chars the week it was launched.

Today I went to do it again on my sniper and merc.

On the sniper, the LFG daily said reward already claimed. So I got nothing out of it even though I know I havent done it for several days. Also, The weekly Searching for Allies didnt update, so neither did I get anything from this.

On my merc, the main quest that we pick from the starfighter hangar (empire) didnt update, even though I used the LFG tool to enter the flashpoint and completed it with allies.

I dont see anyone else complaining so I take it its just my account - though why it is is beyond my understanding. I have written a ticket but post it here too to see if I was the only one afected.
Bugs seem to have started after this week maintenance.

Im subscriber since launch.
This issue is that your character has to talk to the person, not just your character's group. This means you have to win the conversation roll. For lvl 55s this is easy as you can just go in by yourself, but lower levels have to keep queuing up until they get a good roll. On the bright side, it is a one time mission, so there should be no time pressure to get it done right away.

I have also heard that it completes if you are the person to initiate the conversation, but haven't confirmed it.