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We're going back to WAR! Huah, what is it good for? Hoopefully something, c'mon! Huah!

So, the Rebs are off to Korriban and the Imps to Typhon after going through mechanical rancors, betentacled inter-dimensional horrors and the prospect of eternal mind-slavery to a group of 20-foot Jolly Green Dread Masters, presumably to face regular sized sith and jedi. In that light, how can BW top previous experiences and clinch the "wow" factor (no pun intended) in their new updates?

Will Satele suddenly grow into a 40-foot Force Giant shouting "You don't know the power of the Light Side"? Will Darth Marr spawn infinite copies of himself that can only be killed by solving a three-level datacron puzzle while dodging falling dreadnaughts? Will the the gates of Typhon be guarded by a Flesh Raider From Beyond?

What are your predictions/ideas about the scope of future raid/fp bosses and war leaders, and can BW ever top its previous over-the-topness ?