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Oh I fully agree that he is far from an Emperor-sycophant as it stands in the "present" of the game's storyline, but I also think he is still completely unaware of the Emperor's endgame.

That's why I raise the question:
Right now Marr is absolutely a Malgus-lite (the diet coke of Malgus, if you will). He is still a nasty piece of work, but he's only evil in the "it's ok to murder people by the millions if it achieves my goals" way; which in fiction, for some reason, isn't a barrier at all to being a sympathetic character. He opposes the Empire's xenophobia and in-fighting
so he's not the "bad" kind of evil, he's just the "cool" kind of evil; he's meant to be a popular character who Imperial players can look at as "our guy", the face of the Empire we can support.

That's why it would be interesting if his death-seeking nature actually puts him in the Emperor's camp when the time comes and Marr finally learns of it. Since it's obvious that both the Empire and Republic are going to have the Emperor as one of the major "Big Bad" threats down the line - possibly even being held back specifically to be the last major boss of the whole game's lifecycle, having "our guy" Marr side against the team we'd all assume he'd be leading would be an interesting twist.

I think Osetto might be onto something with the quote he had about Marr wanting to leave a strong Empire as his Legacy, that's a very convincing reason for why Marr would still oppose the Emperor after learning the truth. But if he came to believe that creating a God-Emperor would be the ultimate legacy for the Empire itself, I think he might still side against the Galaxy.
I think if Marr defected it would be yet another slap in the face for Empire players who have their favourite NPCs constantly killed off. In all honesty I think Marr has been firmly established as the de-facto leader of the Empire now, not just the Dark Council. He's the chief quest giver, THE guy, and is in the perfect position to have the Emperor rolled out as the Big Bad and have both factions defeat him.

If Marr were to defect however, we would be left with nothing. He's also got guts, I mean Marr is the only one would could say "the Emperor must be stopped" with a believable conviction, and I bet you that's what he'll say.

Concerning the "death is our solace" quote - I think its important to know the context:

Darth Marr's creed is "Life is the enemy. Death is our solace." Fueled by a zealous dedication to battle, he believes that personal strength and evolution are won only through conflict. To Marr, death is inevitable and necessary, a fate that only cowards waste energy avoiding.


Stripped of his emotions and most of his humanity, Darth Marr recognizes his death is approaching. As his final legacy, Marr vows to ensure that the Empire is strong enough to survive long into the future.

In a similar way to Malgus, he believes that only through conflict can one achieve true power. To test oneself in battle and either find oneself lacking, or become stronger. In such a way "Life is the enemy." because life is about embracing conflict, battling against ones enemies, and becoming stronger because of it.

So Marr isn't really a nihilistic or something, he just doesn't fear death, and sees it as pointless as dedicating energies into preventing it, as many Sith - including the Emperor himself do - and that instead that energy should be directed towards the battle that is life. He embraces the edict of the Sith Code "peace is a lie" completely and utterly.

Creating a God-Emperor, in that way, would be in opposition to his principles. Its the ultimate attempt to avoid death by eradicating conflict, and a failure to embrace death's inevitability and the the conflict of life.

P.S. Its interesting what you say about Marr being a sympathetic character. I think we have to remember that Marr hasn't really done anything "evil" yet, you can't even accuse his of being a douche dumb@ss.