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02.17.2014 , 04:23 AM | #110
Hi guys I just been trying for days now for the patch to finish downloading. I started the download on the day aftet he patch release and I left my computer on for quite a while, it got half way then it stoped so I just let it sit until I had to turn off my computer due to the lateness of the day it was about 10pm I turned it off. So the nesxt day I let finish the download and it went smoothly for a while, until it reach 99.98% and I see the data being transferred but it never moved. So I let it ran I did that for two days now and still hasn't moved. I quite upset cause I just brought a new substriction not too long ago and I have to buy another due to the fact that I had only 11 days left and I haven't being playing. So can you guys please help me as I have made a strong character with a guild I finally found.