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02.17.2014 , 02:07 AM | #15
Its also worthwhile to talk to the other healer and see how hes healing.
If he's rolling hots on all 8 players, he has limited global cooldowns for other heals, that means he's relying on you to mop up any damage spikes.
I personally hate ops that heal like that, its completely unnecessary.
If he's a good op though, he'll have you as one of the people he's running his hots on, which means you can consumption much more freely.

And as has been stated above, puddles are worthless unless they're hitting the majority of the raid. You have a couple options when raiding, yell at people to stack in the puddles (not possible on operator), or not use them as they're terribly inefficient when hitting only a couple of people.

Be aware of using too many bubbles, you still need to heal up that health eventually, and bubbles cost more than other heals, so it'll damage your force. Use them in emergencies to save lives only.