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1. I'm central time but I get about 73 MS
2.Pubs win about 95% of warzones
3.Pub pugs are pretty good with warzones. The are also pretty good with Ops. Imps on the other hand have better progression in Ops but dont have the patience of the pubs do with wiping. I don't do flashpoints so i can't speak there.
4.The Imps are obviously the best faction for PVE progression guilds. Many world firsts are from them.
5.Pubs are the best for PVP hands down
6. Mass Manips are about 350-400k, Iso-5 is about 80-90k
Figures a Goof Trooper would say that.

The truth is that the top PvP faction largely depends on when you sign on -- the actual results are more like 60-40 for Pubs (but YMMV depending on your gear and who you play with). Tip: take advantage of friend making early on if you want to get some decent PvPing on Impside. Usually I see that some times of the day the Imps do better (late evening on the West Coast); other times the Pubs do better (early to mid evening on the West Coast). Both sides (Pub and Imp) have been affected by an influx of newbie players in PvP, which lead to lopsided games. (No comments on which side is more guilty about taking advantage of exploits, etc. )

The Pub side has some very good Operations based guilds. The Imp side has many more small guilds. So think large groups versus boutique groups.

Imp side tends to be younger in attitude; while the Pub side tends to have an inexplicable fascination with movies that feature Jawas. ( I kid you not! Still don't get the Jawa thing.)