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I did this new fp on a few low lvl chars the week it was launched.

Today I went to do it again on my sniper and merc.

On the sniper, the LFG daily said reward already claimed. So I got nothing out of it even though I know I havent done it for several days. Also, The weekly Searching for Allies didnt update, so neither did I get anything from this.

On my merc, the main quest that we pick from the starfighter hangar (empire) didnt update, even though I used the LFG tool to enter the flashpoint and completed it with allies.

I dont see anyone else complaining so I take it its just my account - though why it is is beyond my understanding. I have written a ticket but post it here too to see if I was the only one afected.
Bugs seem to have started after this week maintenance.

Im subscriber since launch.
I've run a number of characters through. The only lvl 55 I've run through, the quest to join from GF doesn't advance at all. About a half of my lower level alts can't get the quest to advance past being asked to talk to the NPC.

There is a bug thread for Tactical dailies not resetting since 2.6, so not just you!

I am hoping we get a decent bug fix patch for the KDY soon. Bread crumb quests not advancing. Spending skill points taking 90% of your health. lvl 55 giving planetary coms instead of basic. (OK the last one I'm just hoping is a bug and not intended )
Still waiting for Quinn's "meaningful" reunion!