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02.16.2014 , 03:21 PM | #1
Hi riders, I usually do not write to forum about progress, but this time I really do not understand what is wrong.

We have reached Brontes 8 HM. The first phase is easy, no problem whatsoever .. then the second phase comes with Kephesh and we are not able to pass the phase successfully.

I have watched many videos and I see only 2 Kephesh spawning on videos, second about time when spheres start coming. And that it the time when Brontes is at 50 % only second sphere comes.

However, at our pulls, second kephesh comes also about this time. However, after next tank swap third kephesh always comes. In the moment when Brontes nears to 50 we have 4th sphere coming and soon 4th Kephesh.

Is there some tactics we are missing (Kepheshes stop coming at some % of brontes or something like that) or is it just lack of DPS ? .. so far we killed Bestia, Calphyus, etc. without dps problem and in comparison of first phase of Brontes our dps matches groups in videos...

We went in composition of jugg+powertech tanks, 2 x sorc, merc, sniper DPS, merc + sorc healers .. all in 168/180 mix in minimal, some having set bonuses.

Thanks for any advice, we do not have any any more :-)
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