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02.16.2014 , 03:12 PM | #1
I'm having a strange issue in which background NPCs are no longer appearing for my characters.

By background NPCs, I mean the NPCs that you cannot click or interact with, such as random people talking or dancing in the cantinas. When I log out and back into the game, they properly render. However if I leave the cantina, wander around the zone and return, they are once again missing.

I have changed the visible character limit and other graphic settings, it does not address the issue. My system runs the game perfectly smooth on very high settings with no other issues.

My graphic drivers are up to date, I deleted the DiskCacheArena file, the client ini files, and finally reinstalled the entire game today. I still have this issue. My CPU and GPU temps are perfect and Chkdsk shows no file corruption.

Is anyone else having this problem?

My specs:
770 GTX
i5-2500K ( stock clock )
8GB ram
256GB Crucial M4 SSD