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02.16.2014 , 03:06 PM | #108
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If you were not able to login;
  • How long did you wait? 45 mins.
  • Which server are you characters located on? Tomb of Freedon Nadd
  • Are all your characters affected? No, just my level 55 Sorc, so far.

Some extra info - this only affects my 55 Sorc, and I was able to log in on her twice today before everything went kablooey. Trouble was, she was rooted to the spot on the fleet, showing 1 health and with a log-in safety buff that would not go away. There was also a red x in the connection strength box on the mini-map. So I rebooted my pc, restarted my router, ran a repair through the launcher, and now can't get past the loading screen if I choose her at character select. The bar goes to less than 25% and sticks there. The cog is still spinning. Been looking at it for 45 minutes. Looks like it's Alt-F4 time.