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This probably sounds like a stupid question but it has been a long time since i watched the star wars movies and my memory is a little fuzzy.What exactly IS the force? If someone could explain a little bit more on the subject I would really appreciate it .

I vaguely remember some talk about midi-chlorians being some sort of microscopic life-form that is inside some life forms and their potential with the force would depend on how many that person had but that is all i really remember. During the game you hear jedi talking about how they can communicate with the force and let it guide them but they never elaborate.Does the force have some sort of voice or does it just give you some sort of hunch about where you need to go when you ask it to guide you?

Is it some sort of all-knowing entity that guides certain force users it likes to wherever their current goal is/destiny? Or is the force just some non-conscious pool of energy that people with midi-chlorians can pull from/tap into?