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Could we have an educational list of all the living Dark Council members? post Makeb?
Allow me to stand in. Currently we have:

Darth Marr - Defense of the Empire
Darth Zhorrid* - Imperial Intelligence
Darth Nox - Ancient Knowledge
Darth Vowrawn - Production and Logistics
Darth Ravage - Expansion and Diplomacy
Darth Mortis - Laws and Justice
Darth Acina - Technology
Darth Aruk - Sith Philosophy
Darth Rictus - Keeper of Mysteries/Assassins

*Possibly dead, replaced or ousted - we can't be sure at this point.

Currently vacant seats or one's we just don't know about yet include Military Strategy, Military Offense and Biotic Science. The former two are pretty damn important so I assume we are going to hear about them soon.