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02.15.2014 , 05:43 PM | #1

I just got a brand new Alienware laptop this last week and am having some issues. I play at about 30-40 server lag at max graphics with no problem but every 2 minutes or so my server lag spokes to 3k or higher for about 5 -10 seconds.

I have 2 other laptops of lesser stats (a dell XPS 2 years old and some higher end Dell from my office) both play the game at max settings with NO server lag spikes. I do not have more than one active at a time so it is not gue to having to many things running. I have a steady 15meg connection that does not dip and am not downloading.

I tried to uninstall and re-install the game last night and i had no spikes for about 3 hours last night and thought the issue was fixed but today it is back. I do run wireless and will try hard wire next but cant imagine this is the problem on a new system. Anyone have an idea what might be going on? Ideas ? this is a link to the system i am running. also tried changing graphics settings and no change.

I am truly at a loss. I have never had lag issues in game. I ordered the new laptop to replace my 2 year old Alienware 17 that had a video card failure and the stats are all better than that one.