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02.15.2014 , 11:14 AM | #357
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that classes have the same way of solving stuff on makeb.. everytime i play i dont see classes anymore.. just toons with a diffrent skillset with the same quests as the rest of the toons..
give us something to encourage us to play diffrent classes while not getting bored out of our minds
and please for the love of god dont make it group content only.
give us more class story'sP
I totally agree. So far, it seems all the stuff anounced is either PvP, group content and/or faction-specific, but not class-specific. FPs and OPs are nice, and I know some people enjoy that stuff... but I'd like to see new class-specific storylines. THAT would be a good add-on. Not just some new FPs or OPs. Not new "end-game content", but rather something that really expands the game and moves the "endgame" further away.