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Parsec and Sorc/Sage healing...

Not a valid way to judge unless you also take into account the number of Bubbles your putting up. Depending on your gear each of those absorbs from high 5800 to 6500 ish worth of damage. (there's a formula if you look for it) Its right up there with your Dark Infusion. The issue is that it's not a heal so it doesn't count for parsec.

So if your tossing Bubbles on your tanks when they're getting battered or on low DPS to buy time for the Operative's HoTs to heal them up. You are effectively healing but Parsec doesn't count it.

Trying to push your EHPS to match an Operative isn't what your looking to do. Maximizing your abilities to make sure the Ops group doesn't wipe is what your looking to do.

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