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The merciless stacks buildup isnt much of a problem, the problem is when you build up before 4 stacks and don't get any cauterize procs so you have to spam slash. It just feels really annoying if you changed the way mind seer worked you would eliminate this.. and it would play alot smoother IMO. I just think for a spec that isn't really rng reliant having this mechanic in there is just annoying and with changes to vigilance and sages getting rid of rng on those specs.. watchman could (and imo should) be next.

1. The buff would possibly single target wise buff it above dotsmash
2. It would get the average dps (not the rng luck parses) closer to the other higher dps specs (REMEMBER these classes don't even have inspiration... and we're parsing lower)
3. Watchman is only ahead of combat parsewise atm because of bugged relics proccing on dmg and healing.. if they ever fix this our dmg will suffer.

Yes combat is more rng reliant but it was designed for that its obviously what they wanted for the spec and honestly i think its the most dynamic spec in the game for pve and pvp. Works alot better pvewise for many fights then watchman anyway and on a static target i will do slightly more as watchman (or also bosses that move alot since master strike isnt as big as in combat) but that isnt many fights going around that are a static target most are running around bursting down things. Burst specs suit DF/DP (outside of nefra, tyrans and grob'thok) mechanics the most IMO.

IDK maybe i'm asking too much its just watchman is ridiculously fun to play for me apart from the mind seer mechanic. I can't help but think a change like the one to sages or the vigilance ms reset would make it even better at deeps and less frustrating.. xD RNG gamble can be fun but i think thats the whole purpose of the combat tree ^^
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