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So I shouldn't really worry about my parsec score? I was doing about 500k heals while the operative was doing like 1m.
As a healer, the most important thing is to keep everyone alive, not your HPS. That's no way to measure the effectiveness of a healer. Especially for a Sorc- in a Sorc's case, their best assets are their barriers and HoT that increases armour (best used on tanks), which do little to no heals, and THEN their AoE. AoE heal is only good for when there is raid-wide damage and the group is stacked.

The Operative will do better in the first phase (maybe the overall fight) since everyone is moving around so much. Their AoE heal sticks to people, so they can move while being healed still.

As others have said, focus on single target heals first phase, tell the raid where to stand for AoE puddle in second phase. GL