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The fact that you think sorc single target heals are weak leads me to believe you are doing something very wrong.

I Sorc Healed this through one of my Guild's first clear of HM Op IX, and my other Guild has two Sage Healers (both 8m groups). Both times, we used the tactic of having tanks in Blue and Purple, Heals in Orange and Yellow, DPS channel in all four colors, and intentionally failing Purple to clean up the Regulators from Orange.

IMO, puddles are like the worst thing to use in this fight. They're Force expensive and require the recipients to not move around much; in this fight, that's next to impossible.

My strat while Healing it was to roll Resurgence (HOT) and Innervate (small channeled) on the tanks, Dark Infusion (the big heal) when needed during Phase One. That was plenty enough (with the help of the other Healer), and I had lots of time to help DPS adds. If the DPSes health started to drop, I would either drop Resurgence or Innervate on them as they ran through the circle to reach the second core during a color, or, if I had time and the tanks were topped off, I might dash over to where they were and toss a single-target heal at them. The only time I dropped a puddle was during the Purple phase when everyone was collapsed to the center to take down the Rectifier, and I asked everyone to group up to take the Heal.

Consumption got hit periodically when the proc was up (very important!) on a fairly regular basis to keep my Force up before it dipped into critical lows.
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