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Well, I finally got around to trying the new Flash-Point:

* I liked the random element, and it's a really cool idea. I was really excited for it till I tried it.

*I also liked the story element, it was nice seeing the GSF toons mixed in,

*The Bomber is fantastic! I've been having a lot of fun with it.

*this flashpoint seems like a big copy-pasta, every area looks the same! It's not random enough and gets boring can tell this was geared toward lowbies -- uninspired. Please refer to older content on what kind of quality you should have -- the rackghoul FPs. Those two were like mini-raids & they were a lot of fun.

*I'd love to see a raid that follows the whole "random" a Sith/Jedi war raid.....that could explain all the variation. I'm just not sure I want to see it if this is how you are going to handle the game going forward is all. This Flash-Point is lacking a lot of passion and polish.....please do not make this mistake again. I'd rather wait for good content than play have done content.

*Even though I liked the start of the story....there WAS NONE AT THE END! Why would you even bother with a story at the start if you aren't going to have some kind of cut scene on the back side? I especially liked the IMP story....but then I never get to see what my actions caused...or the chance to get to know that sith pure blood a little better. SWTOR is about story...MY PERSONAL story.....get back to your roots!


I really liked the addition to GSF, but lack luster PvE content really pulled the update down -- C.
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