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Unlike my usual videos that are just endless banter and me often looking around confused this is on the serious side and more refined as great moment for our guild. Though we have been working on it since around November and getting the final phase Calphayus as far down as 20k health before wiping... we have never actually killed it before Tuesday.

Obviously there are many guilds that can handle this 16 man, but the comments from my stream viewers and those of the many people I talk to there are a huge amount of teams that would like to clear this but never have. I remember watching Chosen's 16M Council kill they had up probably 3-4 months ago endlessly trying to see what they did differently than us. I think a lot of raid leaders who have been reading guides, know the fight, but just haven't pushed through to the achievement should get a lot from our kill video also.

So I humbly post it here for those interested. This is far from a guide, but rather a great showcase of how Exceptional Legion ended up handling each part of the fight. The big change that finally pushed us through that final burn was having a stop-on-a-dime moment of 16% for Bestia, Tyrans, Raptus and Calphayus 31%. From there I took Bestia off my normal safe area to the center and with preemptively popping all cooldowns we pushed through and nearly killed Bestia even before they really started powering up. I don't think we could have done it any other way with what we had. I owe a lot to the amazing community feedback we had while working through our 8 man clears, thank you for that. So in a small way I feel like I can give back to the next generation teams working towards the clear.

I understand each raid team can often deal with attendance issues, and I've had a lot of people ask in my stream how to build a raid group. One thing I said what that there is no such thing as a perfect team and all leaders are used to dealing with scarcity. This particular evening our offtank or almost a year announced it was his final day playing the game, the mood was slightly melancholy and I knew if we did not achieve this today we would have had a long uphill battle to even try it again. Moreover, we had to find 4 "pugs" to even meet our numbers, in addition to two reses throughout the fight.

So hopefully you guys get something out of this, 16 Man Hard mode Dread Council and please don't think I'm still posting too many videos. I mean come on I haven't posted a new thread about a kill vid in a long time Beslley :P

I mean I didn't even make a new thread for our outrageous8 Guardians Kill EC SM Kephess fight LOL. Though since we're on that topic, there that is too. Pshh and they think we should be nerfed, nonsense!
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