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02.14.2014 , 06:57 AM | #352
And I'm looking forward to it; and would like to add some thoughts.
As the Devs made their road map for 2014, we can probably assume there will be a new level cap along with the new tier of gear. With two new flashpoints(FP) concentrated to Tython and Korriban I can only hope for a deeper Jedi/Sith story.

Over the past year there have been a concentration on PvP and PvE content, maybe, just maybe it's time to make the coming year a RP year! I think that when you are done with the PvE and in periods get tired of the PvP, RP is what you want to explore, maybe realize it can be used to a mean to make your gaming experience deeper and greater.

and the struggle for new subscribers seems to be ever so hard, but what I'd like to see is;
- subscriber free/exclusive chairs.
- Subscriber free/exclusive meditation emotes (like the ones at house Organa 'Jedi meditating with levitating stones/rocks')
- Subscriber exclusive Jedi/other class robes/armors, with a variety from the non jedi like armors to the classic robes. This could be made into a 1 choice opportunity, as it is now we seems to get a very none jedi-ish speeder!!!

As for the gaming experience after hitting level cap I think the key to successes is in listening to the RP community. It is within RP community the Star Wars loyalty resides, they will be the last to abandon the game as the never ending whining PvP community will be the first.

But more thought, time and effort must be spent on how to make a Subscription an exclusive experience. And I think the secret is in the details, small things to most, but great stuff for those who really care.