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02.14.2014 , 06:45 AM | #129
Hey eric

Are the combat team , Working on any improvements on DPS Shadow/Assassin with Operative's being able to hold they own in raids. Will we be seeing any boosts to DPS I really enjoy my class and find it allot of fun to tank in pve and to Dps in pvp , but when it comes to DPS say on DF HM I find we are few steps behide other class's

just the Idea of grinding out 78 dps gear seems abit lackluster after seeing so many results weather it be from forums phase's or taking to other shadow dps

I know a big part of the game is to just enjoy the class I play, but its pretty hard to Justify me coming on a shadow when i have a nice sniper . but some times i just want to mix it up ^^
any news would be ace

Cya dude
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