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Operator IX is a beautiful fight and a good raid leader will not use the same tactic all the time. The reason is twofold : damage output and healer composition. The mere fact that you got slack for a tactic with two tanks on blue is unreasonable. You do not use such a tactic when the group you are with is not using classes tailored for such an approach. What your raid leader should have done is the following :

Operator IX Checklist :

1. Tanks and their gear? Decent Gear or Welfare?
2. Healer combo, experience and gear? Sage/Sorc? Not an issue? Good gear? Yes, experience? Yes
3. Damage output. Good overall, a bit short from one person? Not a problem.

If the above are positive and you have the confidence you use the following tactic :

1. Blue : Melee DPS (channels) , Ranged / Melee DPS Mid
2. Orange : Tank channels, Ranged DPS mid
3. Purple : Healer Mid, Melee / Ranged DPS channels. If you wanna be even more hardcore, you put the healer to channel here and the Ranged DPS to butcher everything. Its what we do in my group.
4. Yellow : Tank channels, Healer stays mid.

(note : if none of your DPS can solo a core on the shortest phase then this tactic may be challenging at first )

This is a very efficient way to clear this boss but relies on several things : on blue healers and one tank do damage because the blue group has no dps free. One free damage dealer will swap and kill the core while you prepare orange. Another important thing to note is that if your tank does not manage cooldowns on Orange, when tanking both regulators, and you do not have enough damage in the middle, this will stress the healer. What we do, we mark one reg, ranged nukes that one, tank interrupts one and the healer interrupts the other. Clear purple or fail is your choice but yellow stays the same like orange with the change that a slinger / sniper puts a shield over the tank with the regulators while the channeling tank picks up his sphere and boss.

If your group composition is weaker than you thought at start you can go for the story mode tactic and split the regulators between the two tanks.

Blue : one tank
Purple : Second Tank.

Simple and to the point, why should you heal 10000 eHPS when the fight is all about teamwork? Of course there are exceptions when I change the tactic again and put the stress on my Sage / Scoundrel healer because I am three tiers above with the gear compared to some who barely have welfare 72.