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You don't know that, yet. This is what we call being paranoid.
Some of us at launch did not jump on the popular ban wagon of Jedi, sith, smuggler, and agent. We went trooper or we went bounty hunter. Here is a small history lesson as to why I for one absolutely paranoid when it comes to pvp development when it concerns the trooper. We had a long time ago a ability called blitz. You tagged the enemy player with cryo grenade then knocked their sorry *** back wards. That gave us exactly two knock backs, one stun, and a long charge up stun. Biowares solution, even though you can not call the commando a cc class, they messed with the cryo grenade so blitz no longer worked with it. This gets better soon after they had their reason to get rid of it.. I swear to this day cryo grenade does not work as well as it used to. So yea I dont trust them worth anything.

As far as these changes go why should they care. They keep commandos and mercs as cannon fodder for the little jedi/stih and operatives/scoundrels. Hell even focusing on a scoundrel/operative healer and you will be out of ammo. On the bh end overheated before you know it. That brings me back to the ammo and heat change, that was supposed to make things better. Funny how I run out of ammo now more then I did before. keep in mind this is just me I am sure others have plenty of other experiences and stories then I do.

paranoid you bet your arse we are