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I can only emphasize the other shadow posters I would especially like to add to

Quote: Originally Posted by Guntterr View Post
Nice to know smash is getting nerf. But what about the class the need some love the most? Shadows/Assassins?

Don't forget us!

And NO, buffing a filler skills does not count....
specifically for inBalance/sadness
nerf that damned filler to the ground, you can start by removing the bonus surge
after that's done fix the spec's DPS up to where it has to be.

there are plenty abilities Balance Shadows have absolutely no use for, before you Increase the Damage of abilities we are using already try integrating one of the ones we currently can not use without screwing ourselves over into Balance gameplay.

take a Look at the Talents you moved, removed and or replaced with 2.0, most of these needed Buffs/Bugfixes instead of being removed/replaced and were far superior to what replaced them in terms of interesting gameplay, userfriendliness and effect.

your main aim for the 2.0 changes was to make the spec easier, you failed, horrendously.
the first thing you should have done when that became apparent was to undo the fails then you should start thinking about why so few Balance Shadows get the most out of their character why even they are so far below what some other classes have and what to do about it.

it's not to late yet.