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I was just having a hard time healing on this boss. I'm running out of energy by the purple phase (yes I use consumption, but I'm almost dead by then) , I'm not sure where to put the puddles because the tanks are constantly moving around and single heals are not that effective. On the second phase where is the best place for me to be? Everyone is scattered. What can I do to be more effective?
Depends what your group is doing, but our sage healer pretty much exclusively uses singular heals until Op 9 is active. But, make sure your group is doing the fight correctly. Are your rdps in Orange and Purple killing those regulators in an appropriate time? Are your tanks interrupting so that they aren't knocked out of your aoe heal when you put it out? It's a fight that'll drain your force, undoubtedly. Our strat in particular has a healer solo healing Orange and Yellow but it's entirely doable if you're configured correctly. If you have two healers active during those, then even better.

TL;DR, Need more info on how your group is configured/doing the fight.
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