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My Blackbolt is very cool
I can confirm that the new 5,500 Cartel Coins from will give you the Model S-12 Blackbolt. SQUEE
So we have now gotten all pets nailed down except for the Crested Orokeet and the Model Flashfire.

Generation 1 pets:
EU (physical): Forest Nekarr Cat - available (German/Austrian version): EAN 5035224111541
GameStop (digital): Lobelode - have employees search for "EA Star Wars TOR 2400 Cartel Coins". retiring soon
Walmart (physical): Gilded Flutterplume - UPC 79936604974, retiring soon
BestBuy (digital): Arctic Manka Lynx - from the Pre-Order kiosk, SKU 8919082, or online. possibly retired by now (digital): Umbral Blurrg - retired on November 12th, 2013
Target (physical?): Crested Orokeet - shortly available from BestBuy before being recalled, now unknown

Generation 2 pets:
BestBuy (physical): Model NovaDive - available, SKU 2308029 (advertised as Model Flashfire) (digital): Model S-13 Sting - available (advertised as Model S-12 Blackbolt)
Walmart (physical): Model M-7 Razorwire - available, UPC 079936615316 (advertised as Model B-4D Legion)
EU (physical): Model FT-6 Pike - available (German/Austrian): EAN 5035224111541 (advertised as Model S-13 Sting) (digital): Model S-12 Blackbolt - available for 5,500 Cartel Coins
GameStop: Model Flashfire - unknown (advertised as Model NovaDive)