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02.13.2014 , 06:58 PM | #5
I've never seen this happen where the bosses evade. Usually, they will just go after another player if they can't reach their main target.
If you continue to see this, I suppose your tanks could use their aggro reduce or you could have a DPS taunt the boss until the tanks are back down. If you don't have a DPS that can taunt, that DPS could go stand right next to the boss and attack it so that the boss switches targets.

However, like VoW_LugNut wrote already, in a perfect try, this situation will never appear. Usually, you should have enough DPS so that the bosses don't come down until Brontes is dead. If that takes too long, your tanks should never go get their crystal, but always stay down and taunt the bosses manually.

Since you wrote that this only happened once, I believe you were just unlucky and the bosses are not bugged in general.
Nevertheless, thank you very much for reporting it! That way, if we see this happening in other groups, we'll know about it and can check if it is in fact a bug after all.

EDIT: After closer inspection, it seems like Bestia did in fact switch targets and went after a heal or DPS while you were clicking the crystal. It only did reset after you finished casting and got back down, where you had the debuff that forced Bestia to attack you.
I am thinking that there was some server lag where Bestia thought you were still on the throne at the crystal, and at the same time was unable to use an ability at you because you were out of range / no path existed to walk up to the throne.
In that case, forget my suggestions, they won't help for this particular case. But unless this lag continues to be a larger problem, I think we can safely ignore it.