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I also believe something has changed in the latest patch (on Monday 10th Feb). We'd been doing Raptus every week with little difficulty for months, then Tuesday we wiped twice on him at the end of the evening (we'd already done all of DF HM) -- we assumed it was because people were getting tired and we'd easily finish him on Wednesday. It actually took us over 2 hours on Wednesday to beat him, and only once we'd noticed the weird aggro switches to the person that had been kiting him during the Challenges phase and watch aggro like hawks.

Whichever developer has been fiddling with that event, stop it, and put it back the way it was.
The aggro switches aren't new, but 2.6 did exacerbate the issue and it seems like Raptus' knockback/knock up are pushing people further. We had to change how we face him and where we position our group because we were having repeated issues with tanks being launched off the side from slap-bang in the middle (tanking just far enough past the Stair of Death™ to avoid gibbing our Marauder, facing sides so that ranged can stay near crystals, same as pretty much everyone else).
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