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Hello Scoundrels!

Below you will find our currently planned changes for Game Update 2.7. Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list and they are subject to change. Know that one of our goals with these changes were to "tone down" the inherent power of Operative healers in PvP. Here are the current changes:
  • Defense Screen has had its cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, its maximum duration reduced to 10 seconds, and now absorbs slightly more damage per cast.
  • Scamper has been redesigned. Using Scamper will grant a charge that will allow Scamper to be used again before the ability goes on a 10 second cooldown, allowing for 2 rolls in succession.
    • Scamper no longer costs energy to use.
  • K.O. now grants a buff that makes Backblast not require position behind the target after using Shoot First.
    • K.O. now causes Shoot First to immobilize the target instead of knocking them down.
  • Emergent Emergencies can now only grant Upper Hand every 6 seconds.

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