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02.13.2014 , 12:45 AM | #2019
You know, I almost expected to spot myself in this thread at one point or another.
I'd just rolled a Jugger, intending to spec her into tanking-- so all the way through DK, I was getting frustrated that every loot drop was for a Inq (no big, I let my sister have it since she was leveling a Sorc alongside me), but the first fp we queued up for, man, we wiped, and wiped, and wiped. I admit, it was mostly my fault; still wearing med greens off Korriban. Had a sniper ragequit on us on the laser droid, but our op stuck through 'til the end (somehow we (and our dpsing replacement) kicked the stuffing out of the final boss).

Jugger's now on Hoth, properly geared, properly specced, and r e a l l y nice at holding aggro off both my sister and our companions (Jaesa may be a little problematic since she likes to jump at the same target but it dies pretty quickly).

On to other, strange stories, though.
Running a Dirty Fighter specced smuggler, queue up and into Hammer Station (again, I know). Make it halfway through with no hitches, and here's where it got a little weird. Lost both tank and healer to aggro from below off a mob knockback, then both of them jumping down to fight (we'd taken the elevator, see). Which leaves me, dps spec scoundrel, and a commando, also pure dps. Well, LoS comes in very handy, there. Park the commando, in heavy armor right out there where everything can see him, park my own skinny Twi'lek shebs by the elevator where I can pop my basic heals on him while he wipes the others out.
One turret left; he can't get to it without pissing off the last droid over there. No problem, thinks the scoundrel. Promptly pull a Disappearing Act, stealths off to behind the turret, and we proceed to kick the living daylights out of it. Then, up we rez our downed tank and healer, and the rest of the flashpoint is sliced uj cake.

Haven't had any problems with Maras in flashpoints, actually; most of my problems turn out to be overload-button-smash Sin dpsers (one particular sod kept breaking cc, scattering my targets and was likely in tank stance (never had time to look at it and I probably should have let him die a couple times to get the hint) given my issues holding aggro in a flashpoint where I could and was actively using taunt, chilling scream (aoe taunt) and bash (high threat generation) in conjunction with sister's threat drop and popping the threat generation cooldowns whenever they decided to take a smack at someone else).