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My op healer is overgeared for 55HM flashpoints, so at this point when when I zone in to find sub-24k health dps I am thrilled at the prospect of a challenge.

Still, I remain baffled that so many people manage to get to max level without knowing even basic things like "kill small mobs before the elites so the healer does not get eaten", or "maybe don't hit the Enhanced Vrblther on the other side of the room while the tank is trying to move it into position", or "oh look there is a red circle under my feet maybe I need to not be right here", or "hmm the boss hits me for over half my health whenever X happens, maybe I should not be there when X happens".

Yesterday I had a 24k marauder in CZ Meltdown who kept dropping the lightning pools right in the middle where we were fighting, who wouldn't help kill the adds, and who wouldn't move out of the lightning.

I advised him to move, and his response was, "Hey man get off my case: I just hit 55." Which my brain translated as, "Hey I just hit 55, how am I supposed to know to move out of the pool of horrible painful lightning death that is killing me?"

He didn't die, cuz I try to be professional and cool. Also I might be an enabler.
You need to let the dps die when they act up. They're expendable. If the dps don't follow the rules, then let them die until they drop group. Then requeue, or just pull out a companion.

See you in the warzones, muppets.