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02.12.2014 , 01:38 PM | #30
Here's the issue I'm having.

On my server and play times GSF matches are generally dominated by well coordinated groups on the other side. Whenever my team would win, it would usually be a very close match. It's easy to see and remember the names or attack patterns of the same 4-8 people. What was nice was that despite being so heavily outmatched, myself and 1-2 others could give the other good team (I will refer to them as Aces) a run for their money.

I found this to be extremely fun. We would win some and lose some, but I believe even the other side's Aces would get their blood pumping whenever they saw some of our names pop up. At least it felt that way because they were always coming after me.

Unfortunately due to 2.6, this standard of 4-8 aces per match and 1-3 on my side has completely disrupted the balance. Where we once had a fighting chance to at least have a fun match has turned into a completely one sided slaughterfest. Bombers will completely lock down satellites making capturing them impossible.

On top of each one is usually a gunship and a scout or strike ready to intercept anyone the gunship misses. At least when gunships were guarding satellites you had a chance to kill them by going into their blind spot. Bombers just drop their drones all around and hide then put all power to shields. It's not uncommon for me to unload overload, bypass, and rocket pods and only get one down to 3/4 health at best. And that's only after I've killed the gunship and blown all their one shot tracker drones to death.

I don't fault the Aces on the other team for going with the best setup. If I were in their position I would likely do the same thing. However there are just not enough Aces on my side to even make it worth while. It's unfortunate though that the friends and adversaries I've made since GSF was first introduced have gone to dust, but there is no fun in a completely unwinnable battle.