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I think the big question is which is better draining a planet with the assistance of 8k sith lords to gain power, or Manipulating midichlorians.

Now personally I would say Midichlorians as, As far as i can tell, Force Drains gains are not permanant and can in fact be fleeting. The worse case of that being of course Nihilus who i believe likely would die if he didnt continue to drain on beings as his own life force was now tied into the energies he drained and because they were not naturally his own energies the power was constantly fleeting forcing him to HAVE to drain with a never ending instatiable thirst. But thats personal theory and understanding which we all know..... could be very wrong.
Well, whilst among their most impressive feats, I don't think they can be directly compared. What being in differing spheres and all.

I don't have much to say concerning the power the Sith Emperor gained via Force drain, just the act of doing it.