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Don't expect this debate to ever end if this argument just keeps going.

Seriously I only see one person challenging the current topic.

Sorry but Plagueis is the second most powerful Sith Lord of the Rule of Two, the Sith Emperor severely lacks in certain areas.

The grand comparison to be made over-all is the debate between who were the better type of Sith: Banite Sith that concentrated on internal power or the older Sith Lords that focused primarily on external ways of gaining or boosting their current power.

The Banite Sith are clearly the most practical and impressive of the two.
As of yet, nobody has put forward substantial evidence to support either side. The Sith Emperor is not a member of the Banite line, so that argument it moot. And Plagueis is severely lacking in areas in which the Emperor flourishes.

Nor do I feel Plagueis' (supposed) combat superiority is definite or relevant.

I'd certainly advise against comparing the merits of various Sith lineages which is even more irrelevant.