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Not saying that it can't be done, just getting my point of view out, and going by posts on this thread it's one that's shared by many.
IMO: can't do your role, don't que for it. que for something that you can.
This wasn't my point anyway, it was about communication in the group.
And with this I'm done hijacking this thread, I love it too much
Toha, that is a very true statement, the amount of times I've done flashpoints, and I have never seen a good shadow/assassin tank, my Vanguard (shield spec) when I que up as DPS, I switch off my Ion cell and swap over to another option (sometimes I leave ion cell up, I have a few things that have a higher trigger rate with it up) and I have never seen a shadow that can tank half as well as I can with my vanguard.

Usually by the first boss in an FP, I get a /whisper from the healer asking me to take over as tank. Mind you, I am always no matter my class or role that I am playing trying to keep things off the healer....

I've healed on my arsenal spec merc, DPS'ed on my shield spec vanguard, you just have to do things a little differently, and keep a level head I think... well some situational awareness doesn't hurt either I think. And for the love of the force, if you don't know what you are doing in the FP, speak up!