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02.12.2014 , 12:20 PM | #40 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by AdrianDmitruk View Post
So does this mean that the H2F, Make Them Pay answers to sorc class questions will actually be repealed and replaced with bona fide answers to the questions raised?

Does this mean we'll finally get a yellow response to the Musco-initiated Sorcerer Changes Brainstorming thread, now with 500 posts of feedback?

Will corruption healers ever be able to call their Overload (or Whirlwind, for that matter), worthy of "Making Them Pay?" Will I ever be able to run a full 36-point spec in PVP again or am I locked into the nerfed bubblestun hybrid for as long as I wish to punish myself with sorc healing? (As I said on the feedback thread bubblestun hybrid is really the only build sorcs have that can H2f and Make Them Pay as instructed by the Combat Team.)

Or will this entire exercise simply generate another meme-worthy H2F, Make Them Pay response?
Hey Adrian!

This is a good question! My goal would be to not provide new meme ammunition in the answers . However, there are some changes coming to Sorcs/Sages in Game Update 2.7 which we are aiming to post about tomorrow. My hope is that the community feels that they are good changes and feel it addresses the feedback provided!

I will have more info tomorrow.


PS - Other classes are receiving changes as well, look for that info tomorrow.
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