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I just disagree with everything in the OP. Bombers have dramatically improved the game.

1- Not everyone is bribed into flying Flashfires.
2- Turret builders are super interesting and strategic.
3- Something with a lot of hull changes which weapons are good.
4- Something with a slow speed changes which weapons are good.
5- Something with no missile break raises the value of missiles.

The weak design parts about bombers are mostly based on the heavy reliance on AI components.

I don't feel that everything is a "drone mine cleanup match". Drones are a huge cooldown and a priority target. Mines are just mostly things to avoid, but can be aoed down.

I also really like the EMP components.

Really liking bombers.
Agreed. Personally I find that Bombers have greatly improved the game balance, offering a counter to the Scouts and elevated the Strike fighters' value as a multirole fighter. Instead of being specialized in taking out a specific role, it is effective against all of them, but not as effective as the specialist (and is, conversely, vulnerable equally against all roles).

It certainly had the biggest impact on Scout pilots though, who may feel the most targeted by the introduction of bombers. Which is fair, because they actually were: a direct counter to their role was introduced, and so scouts are no longer the kings of GSF they used to be.

But let's be clear, Scouts still kick arse, and I regularly see the good scout pilots top the charts (especially in domination), and they still serve a very important role: they're the counters to gunships who are the counters to bombers who are the counters to scouts. Without scouts around, enemy gunships are much more effective, and it can be said that scouts are also the best suited for dealing with Strike fighters.

But the days of the scouts being able to cap and hold nodes in Domination, and dominate every other ship through dogfighting are over.

That said, so far in my experience battles have NOT devolved into nothing but gunships and bombers, and the team with the more balanced makeup will generally have an edge. Mines and Drones are very visible, and mine/drone fields CAN be dealt with.

The situation is not that dire, and while bombers certainly will need some balancing tweaks (since they've never been live tested with full upgrades so far), the basic concept of the role and its introduction did more good for GSF than it did harm.