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02.12.2014 , 11:41 AM | #20
Even though a pretty obvious troll I'll actually answer the question.

1. The story. I like how the different class story lines inter relate to each other. I like seeing the reactions to different dialogue options.
2. Learning different classes. I like the variety of different classes in an environment where I am not ridiculed, called a stupid f***in' noob for not being the most awesome mouse clicker in the world.
3. Playing with my friends. I like to be able to play with my friends.
4. Seeing if I can better my own personal bests, be it healing, DPSing or tanking.
5. It's NOT PVP. I hate PVP. I hate the uber wiener measuring morons that think because they can click buttons faster they are somehow superior to me in RL instead of just better at playing a game.
6. I like being able to progress at my own pace. Being able to step away from keyboard if I need to.
7. I like being able to set personal goals for myself that I can accomplish on my own. Be that accumulating a certain amount of credits, getting a piece of gear, completing an achievement.