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you, sir, seems to have entirely forgotten about satellite humping. A good scout could hold a node from 7 people. Now, with mine layers, that isn't possible anymore: THATS A GOOD THING (it was usually me doing the pillar humping, too)
You said it exactly. A GOOD scout could hold a satellite against several attackers.
But now, even a braindead monkey with zero piloting skills can hold a satellite in his bomber.
Very good thing, yeah. So much has changed.

A few days ago, i tried the minelayer for the first time. I had only T1 upgrades and T2 reinforced armor and turbo reactor.
After capping B in Kuat Mesa i've put all power to shields, circled around the sat to avoid enemy fire and finished off fleeing enemies with my heavies.
It was a premade vs. premade match with a lot of experienced pilots and mastered ships.
At the end of the match i got the highest kill score, highest assist, highest damage and i didn't die a single time.

Most dominion matches after 2.6 follow only one rule: Who has the most bombers and gunships.
At the beginning of a match, everyone rushes to the satellites, deploys their mines and drones and for rest of the match, nothing changes.
I haven't got a single gold medal for capping since 2.6, myself. -.-
Dominion has become a very boring gameplay mode.

Bombers are already extremely powerful and give even the most experienced pilots with their mastered ships a very hard time and most bombers currently don't even have good upgrades.
Wait until people have mastered their bombers...

Quote: Originally Posted by DarkDajin View Post
I don't really want to bash but...
To all the gunship pilots that complain about shooting drones and mines,
Please learn to aim

Yes they are tiny targets but you have a few pixels to aim at, ofcourse lower resolutions will benefit being able to hit the target better
Personally I have very little trouble AoEing down entire swaths of mines and drones for my teammates to swoop in and clean up the sattelites.
What most people haven't realized yet is, since 2.6 the hitboxes of turrets, mines and drones are displayed through objets just like ships.
However, since their hitboxes are so freaking tiny, the greyed out part that indicates that they are behind an obstacle is almost invisible. This makes it hard to distinguish if your target is in front or behind the satellite.
That's why so many people complain that they cannot hit the mines and drones. They just haven't realized, their target is behind the satellite.