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I'm thinking about transferring here from POT5 (East Coast).

I have many questions that I'd like to ask about Harbinger in general.

For my fellow East Coasters out there who play on Harbinger, what's the ping like? I get around ~30 ms on POT5.

My ping is 70-80 MS.

What's the faction balance like? Is it roughly even? Are there definitely more Imps than Pubs or vice versa?

I think it is balanced.

How is the quality of PUGs for flashpoints, warzones, and operations? Should I avoid them like the plague or is everything OK?

My PvE experience is good in puging. PvP not so much.

Who is the dominant faction for PVE and why?

I do not do end game PvE, but many guild first to beat content is imp.

Who is the dominant faction for PVP and why?

This is complicated. My experience is the avg pug on the imp side is better than pub side, but pub side runs way more premades. My winning % on imp side is higher than 50%, but I have to dominate games to win in many situations.

How is the GTN economy? Are prices cheap and items abundant?

I thinks the prices are around the same Mass Manipulation Generators here and isos sell for slightly more. And crystals for slightly less.

For example/comparison on POT5: The CHEAPEST level 10 +41 stat crystal is a yellow-blue endurance for 140k. At their cheapest, Mass Manipulation Generators here are only 220k, while Isotope-5s are 64k.

Thanks in advance.

I hope the information was useful.