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Hey folks,

Now that we are past the launch of Game Update 2.6, it is time for the return of the Class Representative initiative! Over the course of this week I am going to start reaching out to those former Reps who had yet to submit their top 3. Early next week I will talk a little bit more about how the process will work and the schedule for when each Class will be submitting their top 3. Thank you all for your patience, I know it was quite some time ago that we took a break on this.

If there is a situation where a Class Rep is no longer available, I will reach out to whomever was nearest to them in the original nomination. If that doesn't work they I may just have their mirror Rep submit their top 3, we'll see.

Thanks everyone.

Really, so do the Sorcerer/Sage players have to look forward to being told to L2P, H2F, and Make Them Pay again?

Personally, based on documented history of this game's developers, Class Reps are a waste of everyone's time because the developers do not care what we have to offer or suggest. Don't bother. BW will do what they want regardless of player's concerns and suggests.