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Thanks a padload Bioware for completely ruining GSF. Starfighting in the Star Wars setting is, by definition, fast-paced, on the edge dogfighting. Now half the people putt putt along in their tank slugs and dogfighting has become a thing of the past. GSF gave me, for the first time in a very long time, a type of pvp that I can truly enjoy. I was completely hooked. Now you devs have ruined that for us GSF lovers. Flying around killing an endless chain of drones and mines that you can't even target with a gunship much less kill with a fighter or scout without being killed yourself is NOT starfighting!!

Now if someone like myself who NEVER gets on the forums takes to time to post then you know LOADS of other people are extremely dissatisfied with what GSF has become since you've added those flying tank turds.

People have griped in the past about gunships but they actually have very balanced strengths and weaknesses and fit in the GSF landscape quite well. If you're skilled enough gunships are not invincible. To be a successful gunship pilot one has to actually have skills. To be a successful bomber pilot, on the other hand, all one has to do is get a moderate amount of points into their ship and be able to mash the right and left mouse buttons repeatedly.

I liked GSF so much that I had pilots on both side of the factions. I have an imp pilot and a pub pilot on two different servers. Most folks on the Ebon Hawk and Jedi Covenant servers know or have heard of Baelyn-tiel. So anyone who knows me or knows of me, knows that I play a LOT of GSF and had always defended it against people criticized it because they couldn't master it in two days. Now any Roger Rookie can rack up the kills and assists just by flying a bomber. I tried out the bomber and I was getting in the top five on the lists with NOT ONE SINGLE POINT put into ship upgrades. That is ludicrous! Moreover, flying a bomber is slow-paced and boring.

I'm pretty much ready to quit GSF altogether. It's not because I think bombers are invincible. It is because they've turned starfighting into a drone/mine clean up match. That's not the GSF I have come to love to play.

I really got into GSF because I've maxed-leveled pretty much all of my characters. I'm actually thinking about cancelling my subscription that I've had since beta.

Thanks devs for ruining a brilliant stroke in pvp.

- Baelyn-tiel, former GSF junky

I still enjoy GSF and I hope future patch balances will bring back the fun. But boy, what numbskull thought bombers would be a good idea?

at the very least, let us alter components in-match. going in blind is getting annoying.